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Urban Family Law encourages non-adversarial resolutions for clients and an emphasis on the Collaborative Practice.  The Collaborative Practice is a holistic approach to resolving legal matters outside of court. The professionals involved care.  There is more to consider, then just the legal component.  All relationships involve emotion to some degree.  The emotional, financial and legal elements are all equally important in Collaborative Practice. 

Collaborative Family Law

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What Is Collaborative Family Law?

Collaborative Family law is the process of collaborative divorce or collaborative separation that refers to the use of an out-of-court process that addresses the emotional, financial and legal issues that arise as your family transitions from one household to two.

Urban Family Law
Urban Family Law
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Our Team

The staff at Elizabeth A. Urban’s office are trained to assist clients with the preparation of the necessary financial disclosure forms and briefs, obtaining information required for court documents (if necessary), discussions with other lawyer’s offices, and they strive to understand the concerns of each and every client with compassion and sensitivity.


"Thank you for all your incredible professional and personal support over the past few years, Liz. Your tireless, focussed understanding of the process was brilliant and helped bring about the best possible settlement. I appreciate all that you accomplished for me."

"Thank you all for the separate but "connected" roles you each played in supporting me by getting me out of my marriage and on track in my new life last year. Around this time last year, we wrapped up the majority of the negotiations...it feels like a hundred years ago and also like 2 minutes ago at the same time. I am filled with gratitude over how fulfilled I feel in my new life. And you all played a big part in that. My gratitude for where I am today involves the experience, I went through with you all."

"Thank you, Liz. It was wonderful working with you! I felt discombobulated at the beginning but after engaging your services I felt that I had a much better handle on things. You helped me to direct my focus on the decisions that I had to make and I am more than satisfied with the agreement we reached. I appreciate all that you did to help me through this."

"I have had the pleasure of working with Ms Urban on a number of family law cases. I have always found her to be compassionate with a great understanding of not only the law, but how to resolve matters respectfully."

"Many thanks to Elizabeth Urban and her team for helping me navigate through the complicated process of divorce. I always felt supported and was never made to feel that I should proceed at any cost. Elizabeth always made the ‘cost vs benefit’ clear to me, and as a result I feel I was able to make sound and reasonable decisions at each turn in this long road."

"Elizabeth's advice and guidance to be fair not only to myself, but to my former spouse as well. She helped maintain the ‘human’ component in all dealings, never losing sight of the emotional implications of each potential step. The professionalism of Elizabeth and her team made this journey as smooth as is possible."

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